Collection Arrangement

The NKC follows Open Access System. Books are arranged in two classes, such as the Text/ General Readings and Reference.

New books are displayed for a week on the caption 'New Arrival'. After display, these are put into circulation. Books are shelved according to Call Numbers. When a book is requisited by a user, Call Number and Accession Number must be correctly ascertained from the database available on the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue).

Technical Section

Reference Collection
The NKC maintains a reference collection with dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, theses and dissertations, project reports, company annual reports, CDs/DVDs and Govt. publications both Central and State governments.

Current Print Subscription
Current periodicals/journals/magazines are displayed alphabetically. The latest issues are displayed and back issues are stacked in the corresponding drawers. The individual issues are removed from the racks for binding, as soon as the volume is complete.

Bound Volumes of Periodicals
Bound volumes are arranged alphabetically by the title.

The NKC has a very good collection of non-book material, such as CD ROMs and DVDs, which are arranged by Accession Number.

Annual Reports
Annual reports are arranged alphabetically, as per company names.

Newspapers are kept in the Newspaper Display Rack.