User Community

NIFTEM encourages the use of NKC for professional purposes. Anyone who intends to become a member of the NKC has to complete all formalities in consultation and approval of the Librarian. Visitors/outsiders are allowed with prior permission from the Librarian with an introductory from the concerned Organization / Institution. Membership will automatically cease in case of any violation of rules / conduct. The NKC has every right to terminate the membership.

A member can borrow books as per following details:




10 books for 90 Days


5 books for 90 Days


4 Books for 10 Days


2 Books for 10 Days


2 Books for 10 Days


Students/Research Scholar: 2 Books for 10 Days

Othersr: 2 Books for 10 Days

Organization / Industry

3 Books for 10 Days

Educational Institution

3 Books for 10 Days

Membership Fee:  


Refundable Deposit

Annual Service Charges  (ASC) / Library Development Fund (LDF)

1. Students (B. Tech)

Rs. 5000.00*

Rs. 4000.00 (LDF for 4 years)*

2. Students (M. Tech.)

Rs. 5000.00*

Rs. 6000.00 (LDF for 2 years)*

3. Alumni

Rs. 5,000.00

Rs. 1000.00 (ASC)

4. Family members of NIFTEM Staff


Rs. 300.00 (ASC)

5. Individuals

Students/Research Scholar:
Rs. 5,000.00

Rs. 1000.00 (ASC)

Rs. 8000.00
Rs. 2000.00 (ASC)

6. Organization / Industry

Rs. 20,000.00
USD 600.00

Rs. 10,000.00 (ASC)
USD 300.00

7. Educational Institution

Rs. 2500.00
USD 75.00

Rs. 10,000.00 (ASC)
USD 300.00

* Students fee is a part of admission fee

Non-Deposit Users:

 On the spot users can use the NKC services on the payments as mentioned below:

Please download the External Membership Form to became a member of NKC